Jimmy Page honored in Brazil

, Brazil, Sept. 22 (UPI) -- Rio de Janeiro has made Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page an honorary citizen for all he has done to help the city's street children.

"The greatest satisfaction ... is knowing that I am able to help someone who needs help," the 61-year-old London native said during the ceremony at Casa Jimmy, which has helped more than 300 children since the legendary guitarist opened it in 1998, the BBC reported Thursday.


Page was promoting an album in Rio in 1994 when he witnessed a gang fight, sparking his interesting in finding a way to help the children scraping to survive in the urban streets, the BBC said.

Casa Jimmy offers medical and psychological support for street kids and pregnant teenagers, as well as food, clothing and job training.

"Jimmy is not a Carioca (Rio resident) or a Brazilian, but he has solidarity with Brazil," state legislator Paulo Melo said at the event.

Page, a founding member of Led Zeppelin, was previously honored with the Order of the British Empire for his Brazilian philanthropy.

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