Weisz likes films that inspire debate

LONDON, Sept. 12 (UPI) -- British actress Rachel Weisz says she enjoys playing women who fight for what they believe in in films that raise awareness and spark discussion.

Weisz played a woman who tries to bring down the gun industry years after her sister is shot to death in the 2003 courtroom drama, "Runaway Jury."


She can now be seen playing an activist murdered after discovering a pharmaceutical company was using unethical testing practices in Africa in the new romantic thriller, "The Constant Gardener."

Weisz recently told UPI in London: "Some movies are just entertaining and some movies will raise public debate and I think that's interesting -- movies that are about issues that are in the newspapers most days and I think both films divide and create debate."

The actress said she fell in love with the "Gardener" script because she is fascinated by activists who "devote their lives to a cause" and also because it was a "classic, globe-trotting political thriller mixed with this very passionate, unusual love story."

With Ralph Fiennes as a man desperate to find his wife's killer and finish the work she started, "The Constant Gardener" is in theaters now.


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