Les Paul still going strong at 90

NEW YORK, Sept. 7 (UPI) -- At 90, guitar legend and innovator Les Paul is still going strong and says there are some simple secrets to his durability.

"My belief is play the music the public wants to hear, not what I want to hear," explains Paul, who in addition to his six decades of music-making is also known for technological innovations in musical instruments and recording equipment.


"I can enjoy playing any kind of music. It's easy for me to adjust to the people and be very casual about it -- just so long as I never have to put on a tuxedo."

Paul, who still plays a weekly gig at the New York City club Iridium, celebrated his 90th birthday this year with two albums -- "Les Paul with Mary Ford: The Best of the Capitol Masters" and "Les Paul & Friends: American Made World Played," which features Paul playing with guests such as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Steve Miller, Sting and others.

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