Arsenio Hall strives to be a great dad

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 18 (UPI) -- Former late night talk host Arsenio Hall says his goal is to follow up his stand-up, film and TV careers with being "a great, black father."

"My agenda is pretty much directed by a 5-year-old," Hall told Thursday's Los Angeles Daily News. "My kid has become a little more important to me (than stardom.)"


Hall provides the voice of Dr. Carver in "The Proud Family Movie," which premieres Friday on the Disney Channel.

"I remember turning down a meeting to talk about another talk show the same week I accepted 'The Proud Family,'" Hall said. "I thought, 'This (talk show) will take me away from my kid, and I've done it, but this (cartoon) will make my kid think I'm really cool."

Hall says his mission now is to be a good dad.

" ... What better mission to be on than being a great black father?" he asked.

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