Photographer guilty in Cameron Diaz case

LOS ANGELES, July 25 (UPI) -- A Los Angeles jury convicted a photographer of perjury, forgery and attempted theft for signing Cameron Diaz' name to a release of topless photos.

John Rutter, 42, took the racy photos of Diaz before she was famous. Then a week before the premiere of "Charlie's Angles: Full Throttle" she alleged he told her he would sell the photos if she did not pay him $3 million.


Diaz testified last week: "I've never felt so violated. It leaves a hole in my chest. I was sick to my stomach."

Although blackmail charges were dismissed before the trial, Rutter was accused of forging Diaz's signature to a photo release, then lying about it.

Diaz released a statement saying she was "very gratified that justice had been served," the Los Angeles Times said.

Sentencing was set for Sept. 15 and a civil case Diaz filed against Rutter was scheduled for October.

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