Cruise 'snaps' at Scientology question

BOSTON, June 23 (UPI) -- Tom Cruise got annoyed when a Boston journalist asked him about Scientology, but cooled off when Steven Spielberg said the reporter was with "a good paper."

The Boston Phoenix said its reporter, Gary Sussman, asked Cruise at a press conference promoting the new movie "War of the Worlds" to talk about his religion in the context of the movie's theme -- an alien invasion of Earth from outer space. The paper said Cruise "snapped" in response to the question.


"What paper are you from?" said Cruise.

When Cruise was told the writer was with the Phoenix, he looked at "War of the Worlds" director Steven Spielberg. The paper said Spielberg quietly assured Cruise, "That's a good paper."

The Phoenix's online account of the incident did not include Cruise's response to the Scientology question, if there was one.

The press conference veered off into a discussion of Cruise's engagement to actress Katie Holmes -- with Cruise passing on the chance to evaluate news coverage of the romance.

"Doesn't bother me, you know what I'm saying? Nothing to say," he said.


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