Close won't return to 'The Shield'

NEW YORK, June 8 (UPI) -- Actress Glenn Close says she will not return for another season of the gritty, Los Angeles-based TV cop drama, "The Shield."

"I'm not," Close told United Press International in New York Monday when asked if she would be back next season to play Capt. Monica Rawling on the top-rated show.


"My daughter is a senior in high school and we live here. There's no way I can be away like that," Close said.

The star of "Fatal Attraction" and "Dangerous Liaisons," joined the cast last fall for the FX show's fourth season. Close modeled her character and even her wardrobe on a female commanding officer she knew from Manhattan's Greenwich Village.

"She's phenomenal," Close said, adding she found inspiration in this woman who is "making a mark on law enforcement in Manhattan."

"I had a great time on 'The Shield.' First, of all I have a totally different view of law enforcement," she said with a laugh, conceding maverick detective Vic Mackey's tactics might fall into a gray area as far as ethics, but stating he is, nonetheless, a brilliant cop.


Close can be seen later this month in the contemporary Merchant Ivory drama, "Heights."

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