Judy Woodruff leaving daily TV

ATLANTA, April 29 (UPI) -- Judy Woodruff, who began her television career 30 years ago as a secretary and weather girl in Georgia, plans to retire from full-time work this year.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Woodruff has no plans to stop working. In a statement, she said that she will serve as a consultant and contributor to her current employer, CNN, while teaching, writing and working on longer television projects.


Woodruff is now the host of CNN's "Inside Washington," a one-hour weekday show. She plans to leave when her contract expires in June.

"She brought intelligence, sobriety and objectivity to a craft that is increasingly partisan, heated and noisy," said Joe Klein, president of CNN's U.S. operations.

Woodruff got her first television job right out of college and was covering the Georgia Legislature by the time she was 23. She joined NBC News, where she covered the White House, and then moved to PBS as anchor of Frontline.

She has been at CNN for 12 years.

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