Samuel L. Jackson dolls himself up

LOS ANGELES, April 18 (UPI) -- Although he never starred in an "Austin Powers" movie, Samuel L. Jackson admits keeping a collection of "Mini-Me's" of roles he has played.

The "Pulp Fiction" star told the World Entertainment New Network he keeps the collection of plastic action figures he's portrayed in his office and home, some which strongly resemble him.


"I have a Frozone doll (from "The Incredibles") on my desk that looks down on me as I'm working on the computer," he said. I've got a "Shaft" doll that totally looks like me that's over in the corner looking over at the Mace Windu ("Star Wars") doll."

He credited producer George Lucas with getting the face right on the figures.

"They look a lot more like me because George Lucas actually scanned all of them, which means if he really wanted to make another movie 20 years later, he could use my digital image," Jackson said.

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