Snoop Dogg, hip-hop peacemaker

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif., April 14 (UPI) -- Rapper Snoop Dogg hosted a one-day peace summit among feuding West Coast hip-hop artists to ensure conflicts don't cut their earnings.

Snoop announced Wednesday he had ended his longtime feud with Suge Knight, as well as put aside "issues" with Jayo Felony and Kurupt, who has now rejoined Tha Dogg Pound, said Thursday.


Artists like The Game, Xzibit, D.O.C. and Young MC listened to Snoop urge participants to put a lid on public insults.

"It was me relaying to them that the banging in the business ain't making us no money," he said. "If we come together and move as one unit, money will be there and the opportunity to shine will be there. What it's all about is saying, 'I'm from the West Coast, you're from the West Coast, let me get your number, we could probably do some music together.'"

Added Snoop: "It ain't always cool to be gangsta to your homeboys."

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