Jack Johnson gets upbeat on new album

OAHU, Hawaii, March 7 (UPI) -- Fans of Hawaiian singer/songwriter Jack Johnson are surprised by the upbeat tone of his just-released third album, "In Between Dreams."

So is Johnson.


"I always expected they would get mellower and mellower, each one," says Johnson, best known for his hits "Flake" and "Bubble Toes."

"It definitely wasn't something we were aiming for, but it was welcomed. It was kind of fun once we started putting songs together in a sequence and realized it was slightly more upbeat.

"I think everybody was excited about it just because it's fun to put out something that makes people move a little bit."

Johnson, who's also writing the soundtrack for the upcoming film version of "Curious George," will perform on this week's episode of NBC's "Saturday Night Live" to promote "In Between Dreams."

He kicks off a world tour on March 17 in Australia.

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