Former girlfriend sues Gene Simmons

NEW YORK, Jan. 8 (UPI) -- A New York woman is suing her 1970s former beau, KISS bass player Gene Simmons, for defamation.

Georgeann Walsh Ward, who met Simmons when he was a Big Apple school teacher in 1972 and said she dated him for three years, is objecting to Simmons calling her just one of his overpopulated harem of groupies on a VH1 documentary, reported the New York Post Saturday.


"There wasn't a girl that was off limits, and I enjoyed every one of them," Simmons said in the documentary, that showed Ward posing with Simmons. "I was a 24-hour whore, all I ever thought about was sex."

Simmons has estimated he has slept with 4,600 women.

The lawsuit alleges that the show implied that Ward "was similarly a sex-addicted nymphomaniac."

Ward, a married mother of a college-age child, is seeking unspecified money damages from Simmons, KISS and Viacom -- the parent company of cable TV's VH1 alleging Simmons and Viacom portrayed her as an "unchaste, sexually loose woman."

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