Bobby Vinton vetoes statue on his honor

CANONSBURG, Pa., Dec. 28 (UPI) -- Bobby Vinton has vetoed plans for a statue to made in his honor in his hometown of Canonsburg, Pa., because he says the money could be better spent.

Singer Vinton, known for his hits of "Blue Velvet" and "Mr. Lonely" in the 1960s said he felt it was inappropriate to ask the community to raise $100,000 on a statue for him given the world's other needs, reported the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.


Canonsburg Councilwoman Jean Popp, who attended Canonsburg High School with Vinton in 1952, had wanted to raise $70,000 for the statue and another $30,000 to publicize its dedication via banquets, printed materials and souvenirs.

Vinton, also known as the "Polish Prince" e-mailed Canonsburg Borough Manager Terry Hazlett saying he couldn't support the effort.

Popp said she would not proceed without Vinton's support.

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