Writers Guild denies censorship charge

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 7 (UPI) -- The Writers Guild of America West denied Tuesday that it censored a panel discussion by four of its members about the union's history.

Members of a panel that convened in July accused the union of censoring their remarks because the transcript of the event had not run in the guild's monthly magazine in October, as scheduled.


"Those who took part in the conversation are without any question being censored by the largest union of English-speaking writers in the world," said Larry Gelbart. He was part of the panel, along with Lionel Chetwynd, Lynn Roth and Michael Russnow.

The WGA said Tuesday it was "ludicrous" to accuse it of censorship.

"Is it censorship any time an editor says an article needs more work before it can be published?" said the guild. "If so, then every publication in the country must be guilty of censorship."

The WGA said the its magazine editor determined that the draft of the round-table discussion contained factual errors and personal attacks, and the board of directors agreed.

"The round-table participants were all told in advance that their remarks would be edited to eliminate inaccuracies and defamatory comments," said the WGA.


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