Model accuses 'Price is Right' producer

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 26 (UPI) -- A former model on "The Price is Right" claims she was fired after she filed a sexual harassment complaint, Celebrity Justice reported Friday.

Claudia Jordan said Phil Wayne Rossi, a former producer of the show, grabbed her buttocks and made sexual comments to her.


"I was in the mirror one day doing my makeup and my supervisor came behind me, Phil Rossi," Jordan said. "And he put his hand on my butt, and he whispered in my ear 'nice butt.'"

Jordan, who is black, also says she was the subject of racial discrimination.

"You know comments like, 'Stand between the two white models,' and 'Make it a reverse Oreo,' and it was all funny to them, but they were used to doing it," she said.

Jordan emphasizes show host Bob Barker did not grab her or sexually harass her, but says Barker's role of executive producer makes him responsible for what happened.

For years women have filed a variety of harassment and wrongful-termination claims against Barker and the "Price is Right."

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