Fashion stars experience fall sales slump

NEW YORK, Nov. 9 (UPI) -- After a great summer and spring, sales of moderately priced designer merchandise slipped in the fall, top U.S. designers report.

Many designers saw sales decline, prompting plans for fewer career-driven outfits and more casual clothes on the rack, the New York Times reported Tuesday.


"Everybody can talk about weather and hurricanes and Republican conventions and all that stuff, but I think in general, fall has been softer in the better categories," Roger Farah, president of Ralph Lauren, said of Lauren, the company's moderately priced line.

He blamed too many players in the mix for the sales decline.

"There's been a lot of new players entering the marketplace, some more successful than others, so the pie is being shared in a lot of senses," Farah said.


Editors: This story corrects an item run Nov. 9.

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