Red Sox inspired baseball CD

BOSTON, Oct. 14 (UPI) -- The Nashville singer/songwriter who wrote "Cowboy Up," the Red Sox's unofficial anthem last season, has written a new soundtrack for Boston's Fenway Park.

"Outta Here," a track from Ryan Reynolds' "The Sound of Fenway," is played when runners cross home plate after a home run and "Girls Love Baseball Too," is a favorite among female Red Sox employees, the Boston Herald reported Thursday.


Reynolds' affiliation the Red Sox started when his rodeo anthem, "Cowboy Up," was adopted by the team during last year's playoff games.

The Sox flew Reynolds to Boston to perform the song during a 2003 playoff game, a trip that inspired Reynolds' new CD.

"When I got back to Nashville, I was on fire. ... I got my guitars out and wrote an entire album about everything I saw when I was up in Boston," Reynolds said.

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