Robert Taylor says Madonna lip synchs

SYDNEY, Oct. 9 (UPI) -- Robert Taylor, of the band Queen, said in Sydney that Madonna's lip synching during concerts is the world's worst kept secret.

Taylor and fellow band member Brian May arrived in Australia for the opening of their stage musical, "We Will Rock You," Friday.


Elton John recently said at an awards show that Madonna cheated fans by her lip synching and Taylor said he backed up John's comments, the London Mirror reported Saturday.

"It was a very brave and correct thing to say. Maybe she should get an award for dancing but certainly not for singing," Taylor said. "It is the worst-kept secret in the world and I think there is too much bloody dancing in rock 'n' roll and not enough actual singing."

However, May added that John "was being unnecessarily bitchy" in his comments at the Q Awards show in London.

A spokesman for Madonna said that the "Material Girl" doesn't lip sync, nor does she spend her time trashing other artists.

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