Wanda Sykes stars in Comedy Central series

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 5 (UPI) -- Comic Wanda Sykes stars as herself in an improv and reality series on U.S. cable network Comedy Central.

"Wanda Does It," premiering Tuesday on Comedy Central, centers on storylines combining Sykes' real-life job as a stand up comedian with contrived settings, such as choosing to quit driving in Los Angeles rather than quit drinking, the basis for the season opener, the Detroit Free Press reported.


In week two of the series, Sykes is in Las Vegas for a gig, where she tries to outsmart the blackjack dealer and ends up as a bouncer at a Vegas club.

"Wanda is as tough as she appears to be. She is relentless. It is so irritating sometimes because she is like a dog with a chew toy," said co-star Tim Bagley, who plays Sykes' manager on the series.

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