Actress Samantha Morton told she's too fat

LONDON, Sept. 23 (UPI) -- Miramax studio officials reportedly told British actress Samantha Morton she's too fat to star in a new film about the Brothers Grimm.

"Director Terry Gilliam wanted me, and the actors wanted me, but there was a complication with the studio over money and over my weight," Morton said in Britain's Sun Thursday.


Morton had been cast in the lead role of Miramax's "The Brothers Grimm."

The 27-year-old actress, who weighs 126 pounds, said her weight has never before been an issue.

"I think I'm a healthy size, I'm an 8-10. I'm not going to go down the road of having my teeth done, my boobs done," she said.

A unidentified Miramax spokeswoman denied Morton's assertion.

"It is not true. Clearly, they are looking for the best person for the role," the spokeswoman said.

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