Alexander knows Broadway, not sports

NEW YORK, Sept. 8 (UPI) -- Jason Alexander gets recurring television roles involving sports, but in an upcoming article for Sporting News, he insists he is anything but "a sports guy."

Now starring in the new CBS sitcom "Listen Up" as sports writer Tony Kleinman, Alexander was asked to write the "My Turn" column appearing in the current issue of Sporting News.


Sounding much like George Kostanza in the "Seinfeld" show where he worked at nothing for the New York Yankees, Alexander sets the record straight.

"People always assume I must be a sports guy. People probably assume all guys are sports guys," Alexander wrote. "However, I am a Broadway musicals/chick flicks/Barry Manilow kind of guy. I even know Liza Minnelli personally."

To back it up, he was a Tony Award winner for "Best Performance as a leading actor in a musical" in Jerome Robbin's "Broadway" in 1989, among other awards.

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