Security tight on 'Bridget Jones' sequel

LONDON, Sept. 2 (UPI) -- A British film studio reportedly has increased security for the "Bridget Jones' Diary" sequel amid reports criminals are trying to get pirated film footage.

"Edge of Reason," due out Nov. 12 in Britain, is expected to be one of 2004's largest box office hits, making the film a target for organized crime syndicates attempting to sell illegal copies before its release, BBC reported Thursday.


"We are aware that significant sums of money are being offered for any early material on the movie," said an unidentified source for Working Title studio, producer of the "Bridget Jones" films.

A bounty of $10 million reportedly has been offered for pirated copies of "Edge of Reason."

"Security is something we take very, very seriously. We are looking at all sorts of measures to tackle global piracy," the Working Title source said.

Piracy has become big business and disastrous for the film industry, with the estimated loss in 2003 at $875 million, a figure expected to double within three years, BBC said.

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