Ewan McGregor's bike trek ends in New York

NEW YORK, July 30 (UPI) -- Scottish actor Ewan McGregor has arrived in New York, ending his 20,000 mile motorcycle journey across Mongolia, Europe and Alaska.

McGregor and friend, Charlie Boorman, pulled into Manhattan Thursday afternoon, more than three months after the two set out on their BMX bikes, reported Friday.


"It feels amazing. If we had to do another 20,000 miles tomorrow I would do it. It's been the most amazing journey and experience and it's unbelievable that we've finished," said McGregor, who admitted he and Boorman cried upon reaching their destination.

The duo, who received survival training before setting off, faced several challenges along the way, particularly in Mongolia where the actor crashed his motorbike into a swollen river and where roads were treacherous.

"There were no roads in Mongolia, just gravel. One day we rode 14 hours and went 30 miles. But we plowed on and I'm glad we did," Boorman said.

The adventure was recorded for "Long Way Round," a documentary set to air in October on Britain's Sky One.

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