Braff to direct, produce after 'Scrubs'

NEW YORK, July 28 (UPI) -- "Scrubs" star Zach Braff says he expects to concentrate on filmmaking or TV producing rather than acting after his sit-com eventually comes to an end.

Before "Scrubs" heads into its third season this fall, Braff is promoting "Garden State," the big-screen comedy he wrote, directed and co-starred in with Natalie Portman.


"The show is the ideal gig because we do it seven months out of the year," Braff told reporters in New York. "You do something you really love and go to work and act every day for seven months and get to act really silly, which is a blast and then five months out of the year you do whatever you want.

"'Scrubs' affords you the ability to explore lots of other ideas and follow the things you've dreamed about doing."

Braff said he doesn't see himself starring in another TV show right after "Scrubs" ends, however.

"I'll produce something or create something, but I probably wouldn't go and act in something right away just because I'd like to do more and more of this directing--even more so than acting," he said.


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