Ewan McGregor falls into Mongolian river

ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia, July 27 (UPI) -- Ewan McGregor, trekking 20,000 miles on his motorcycle, fell into a Mongolian river in what the "Star Wars" actor called the "worst part of the trip."

McGregor recounted the experience on his Web site,, which describes the experiences he and friend, Charlie Boorman, have had since starting the journey April 14, World Entertainment News Network reported Tuesday.


"It was so rainy and muddy that we couldn't get anywhere, we just kept getting stuck and falling off. The worst bit of the whole trip so far though, was when I fell off in a river," McGregor said.

"I had nightmares of baling out and filling the engine with water and stranding us in the middle of nowhere. The moment finally happened when I crossed a river and hit a massive boulder hidden under water. Luckily, as the bike began to fall I hit the kill switch, stopping the engine before it sucked in water. When we dragged it out of the river, it was fine," he said.

The motorbike journey, which ends this week in New York, is being filmed for a seven-part documentary, titled "Long Way Round."


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