Dylan fights terrorism in 'The Grid'

LOS ANGELES, July 18 (UPI) -- Actor Dylan McDermott says he hopes viewers are ready to watch "The Grid," his new miniseries about fighting terrorism after the Sept. 11 attacks.

"It's always a consideration. Are people ready? I don't know if people are ready or not," McDermott, who plays an FBI agent in the series, told UPI. "I'm hoping that people are ready. I think there is enough distance, but I'm not sure."


As a native New Yorker, McDermott said he fully appreciates the impact the terrorist attacks have had on the city and the nation--both its private citizens and the agencies committed to preventing future tragedies.

"I think, certainly for New Yorkers, there is a lot of anger there and it's justifiable," he noted. "And, I think, (my character Max) represents that, 'Why does this have to happen?' And when I went down to (Ground Zero)and I see that big hole there, it just feels like that psychic hole that we're all carrying around with us; we're all kind of walking on eggshells. Is it going to happen again? These alerts go up and down, obviously, you have Iraq and you have the Olympics coming up. The stress these people in the FBI and CIA feel must be enormous on a daily basis."

"The Grid" premieres on TNT Monday.

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