Whitney and Bobby happy after counseling

ATLANTA, June 9 (UPI) -- Bobby Brown said his and wife Whitney Houston's recent marriage counseling -- and new medication -- has made for a happier home.

"We're doing really good. I think we're having better times now that we've had in a long time." said Brown, World Entertainment News Network reported Wednesday.


Brown was arrested last December for allegedly hitting his wife of 12 years, an altercation sparked by Houston's insistence that Brown take his bi-polar medicine, an incident that prompted the couple to get counseling, Brown said.

"I didn't want to take that Wellbutrin. It's supposed to help you stop smoking. It made me manic," Brown said. "Once I quit (taking drugs), I didn't want to have to keep taking pills every day. I was trying to get myself off of the pills. ... I'm taking Depakote (now). I take it every day, once a day. It's a pill that just relaxes me."

Brown and Houston have been in the news for many months because of marriage and addiction troubles, with Houston reportedly in drug rehab in March.

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