Fergie's temper flares at TV journalist

LONDON, May 26 (UPI) -- Sarah Ferguson's temper flared live on British TV when Channel 4's Richard Mandeley asked the former duchess if she and Prince Andrew would reunite.

"Every soft-hearted newspaper columnist, and I'll include myself in that, would like to see you and your ex back together," Mandalay, host of "The Richard and Judy Show," told Ferguson on Tuesday's show, Britain's Mirror reported Wednesday.


Ferguson then blasted Mandalay, telling him he had been told by her people not to discuss the royal family.

"I thought you were really going to take Sarah Ferguson as Sarah Ferguson, a single working mum with two girls," she said.

Ferguson had appeared on the show to promote her charity work.

When Ferguson cooled down, she finally answered Mandalay's original question.

"We both believe that joint parenting is a good thing," Ferguson said.

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