Russia eyes two other Faberge purchases

MOSCOW, May 21 (UPI) -- A billionaire Russian who bought the Malcolm Forbes Faberge collection is negotiating for two other major Faberge collections in the United States.

The Forbes collection, bought for a reported $100 million by Viktor Vekselberg's Link of Ages Foundation, is now on display at the Kremlin's Patriarchs Palace museum in Moscow.


At a news conference Thursday a foundation representative said negotiations for new additions to the collection of precious, bejeweled treasures were well underway but refused to specify what they might be except that they had been removed from Russia after the 1917 Bolshevik revolution.

Faberge, a St. Petersburg jewelry firm that produced objects for the imperial Romanov family and the Russian nobility, is most famous for the Easter eggs it created for the last two czars. The Forbes collection, amassed by the late publisher of Forbes magazine, contains nine imperial eggs.

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