P.Diddy disbands Da Band

LOS ANGELES, May 14 (UPI) -- P. Diddy disbanded his proteges, Da Band, on the season finale of MTV's "Making the Band," but one controversial player said the unit will stay together.

Diddy pulled the plug on Da Band's future projects on Thursday's episode, but not before throwing out Dylan, the group's dissident member who now says the band members will always be tight, reported Friday.


"I'm tired of his (expletive), y'all tired of his (expletive), we all tired of his (expletive)," Diddy said as he kicked Dylan off the show. "It's over."

Dylan has rejected Diddy's edict.

"No matter what any label or CEO wants to say, Da Band are family," Dylan said. "We came in it together; we're always gonna be working together in the future."

Dylan's new mixtape, a collaboration with deejay Sickamore called "Life After Diddy," hits the streets this week.

Diddy said he will continue to work with Ness and Babs from the show, calling them hip-hop's next Bonnie and Clyde.

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