Naomi Campbell wins privacy suit

LONDON, May 6 (UPI) -- Naomi Campbell has won an invasion of privacy lawsuit against a British newspaper that printed photos of the supermodel leaving a Narcotics Anonymous clinic.

Campbell prevailed over the Daily Mirror Thursday in a verdict that previously had been overturned in the appeals process regarding an article published in February 2001, Britain's The Guardian reported.


The British court ruled that receiving treatment for drug addiction was more important than the right of the public to know about it and that the Daily Mirror had hindered Campbell's progress.

"People trying to recover from drug addiction need considerable dedication and commitment, along with constant reinforcement from those around them," said Lady Hale of the court. "Blundering in when matters are acknowledged to be at a fragile stage may do great harm."

Campbell agreed the Daily Mirror had the right to publish news about her drug addiction, but exceeded its rights by reporting details of her treatment in an article that made her feel "shocked, angry, betrayed and violated," she said.

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