Ultimo's pretty lingerie world gets ugly

LONDON, March 23 (UPI) -- Words got ugly at Ultimo's London launch of its spring lingerie collection when supermodel Rachel Hunter called former Ultimo model Penny Lancaster "scrawny."

"I don't represent that really thin, scrawny look. I have a more voluptuous figure and like to promote that," Hunter, 34, said at Monday's unveiling of the new Ultimo line, London's Mirror reported Tuesday.


Hunter, who became Ultimo's new spokeswoman after replacing Lancaster, may resent Lancaster's other role. Lancaster is Rod Stewart's current girlfriend. Stewart and Hunter, who have two children, are currently estranged.

Ultimo's boss, Michelle Mone, added further insult when she explained that Lancaster, 32, had been the company's second choice.

"When we were choosing the face of Ultimo we had Rachel in mind. But we found we couldn't afford her," Mone said. "We had to go back to the drawing board and see who we would get instead. Penny was cheaper.

"Now we've expanded we can afford Rachel."

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