Ben's Razzie on eBay

LOS ANGELES, March 19 (UPI) -- As of Friday afternoon, bidding on the worst-actor Razzie Award Ben Affleck earned for his performance in the flop "Gigli" was up to $1,325 on eBay.

Affleck has been a good sport about his disastrous first film with ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, going so far as to make his own jokes about the flick at press junkets and on TV talk shows.


After revealing he never actually received his Razzie trophy, Affleck was presented with the prize Tuesday on CNN's "Larry King Live," E! Online said Friday.

However, after looking at the trophy, Affleck rejected it, declaring it "a little cheap."

Movie fans don't seem to agree, though.

A day after The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation put the tacky trophy up for sale on eBay, bidding jumped from $4.89 to $967.97.

The eBay description of the item boasted it was "handled and rejected by Ben on live TV."

The award will be up for auction until March 27.

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