'Seinfeld's' Newman loses 100 pounds

LOS ANGELES, March 5 (UPI) -- Wayne Knight, known as the overweight, obnoxious postman named Newman on U.S. TV's "Seinfeld," has slimmed down by 100 pounds after warnings from his doctor.

"I was told I was heading towards death and it scared me literally to life," Knight said Friday at Entertainment Tonight's Web site.


Knight talks about his weight loss, which he did through traditional means of diet and exercise, on CBS' "48 Hours" newsmagazine airing Friday.

Knight said he knows that he landed many of his former roles because of his obesity, and said his weight loss could be a hazard to his career.

"It's a risk," he said, "but it's a bigger risk to die."

Since "Seinfeld" ended, Knight has lent his voice to "Toy Story 2" and starred in the sitcom "3rd Rock from the Sun."

This past Christmas Knight starred as his slimmer self in the comedy "Cheaper by the Dozen" with Steve Martin.

"It's great to be funny and not be 'fat funny,'" he said.

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