Elton John may marry gay lover

LONDON, March 4 (UPI) -- Music legend Elton John has said he will marry his long-time gay lover if a new bill legalizing gay civil unions in the British Parliament passes.

"I would like to commit myself to David (Furnish). I already have in my mind anyway," The Sun quoted John as saying.


John, 56, and Furnish, 41, a Canadian filmmaker, have been a couple for 11 years.

John, who has a U.S. home in Atlanta, said he does not want to join the masses in San Francisco and other U.S. cities where same-sex marriages are being performed.

Rather, he said, he will wait for the British government to condone the unions.

"We are going to do it when it gets passed," John said, referring to the pending Civil Partnerships Bill.

"If people who want to make a life commitment can't have protection," he said, "we live in a pretty sick world."

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