Nugent admits he fathered Dover child

DOVER, N.H., Feb. 24 (UPI) -- Rocker Ted Nugent has admitted he fathered the 8-year-old son of a New Hampshire woman suing him for child support.

However, Karen Gutowski's lawyer said Nugent was trying to intimidate his client into withdrawing questions about his finances, Foster's Democrat reported Tuesday.


Gutowski sued Nugent for custody and support Aug. 20, 2003, in Strafford County Superior Court in Dover, N.H.

Her lawyer, Jeffrey Runge said the 55-year-old rocker acknowledged he is the father of the child, but has never met the boy and only pays minimal support.

"Given the fact he's worth millions and millions of dollars, he's paying the amount someone making about $20,000 per year would pay," Runge said in September. "I don't know what his assets are so I don't know the amount. She only wants what she's legally entitled to on behalf of the child."

The boy was born in April 1995 after Gutowski and Nugent had a brief relationship.

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