Ozzy: No drugs involved in accident

NEW YORK, Feb. 20 (UPI) -- Rocker Ozzy Osbourne told ABC News no drugs or alcohol were involved in the horrific accident he had in England last year.

"Absolutely no drugs, absolutely no alcohol. It was just a terrible, a terrible accident," said Osbourne said of the all-terrain vehicle crash that put him in a coma and left him with several broken bones and various other injuries.


Acknowledging he was going "pretty fast" at the time of the crash, Osbourne also admitted on ABC's "Primetime" he wasn't wearing a protective helmet.

"The last thing I remember, what I do remember, is I got on the bike and, and something in my mind went: 'Bad move. There's something's really bad is gonna happen.' And I go, 'Oohuh-oh,'" he recalled.

Referring to her father's accident, her mother's battle with cancer and her brother's stint in a drug-rehabilitation facility, all of which took place in 2003, Kelly Osbourne said: "It's like it couldn't get any worse, there's no way."

"Hands down, the worst year of my life," she added.

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