'Dr. Quinn' fans loyal six years later

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 11 (UPI) -- Fans of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" are pleading with CBS to return the show to U.S. television even though the drama ended six years ago.

The fan mail, primarily from a strong Internet following, urges network executives to either put the show into syndication or, better yet, produce new episodes of the frontier drama, reported Wednesday.


The fans' support of the show has made its way to the series' star, Jane Seymour.

"I hear it every day," Seymour said. "Every time I see (CBS Chairman) Leslie Moonves, he looks at me as if to say, 'Can you please tell these people to stop bugging me?' They just don't want to make any more 'Dr. Quinns.'

"I'm very happy to make more 'Dr. Quinns.' I love that show and I'm very proud of it," she said. "(Co-star) Joe Lando and I are very close friends and we've both said the minute they ask us, we'd definitely go back and do it."

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