Gervais on Bafta award list

LONDON, Feb. 9 (UPI) -- Ricky Gervais, better known as cult figure David Brent in British TV show "The Office", is back in line for a Bafta award.

The BBC had forgotten to include his name on the nominee list, Sky News reports.


Gervais accused the corporation of "incompetence" for what it called "a clerical error."

The Bafta committee decided to add "The Office" star's name to the 16 names already picked by its members, despite the list having been closed. Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament Don Foster tabled a motion in the House of Commons that the actor be shortlisted.

It is apparently not the first time Bafta has had to add a nominee after closing date.

Golden Globe winner Gervais, now working on a sitcom about insurance salesmen, is now the favorite to collect the award for the third year running for David Brent. Bafta members will reduce the list to four next month, with the winner picked in April.

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