Cult TV show Tanner 88 goes mainstream

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 4 (UPI) -- The Robert Altman, Gary Trudeau and Michael Murphy collaboration "Tanner '88" is finally making it to mainstream television.

The 11-part mock documentary, made by the director of the just-opened "The Company," "Doonesbury" comic writer Trudeau and actor Murphy, was originally shot during the 1988 election year on the campaign trail, Zap2it reports.


Fake presidential candidate Jack Tanner, played by Murphy, was placed on the same cross-country trail, with cameo appearance from real-life candidates Bob Dole, Gary Hart and Pat Roberson. Episodes aired as they were edited on HBO, without any set slot.

Sundance brought "Turner '88" back to premium cable this week and will run it on Tuesdays through April 13. Freshly shot "Fireside Chats" with the characters played by Murphy, Cynthia Nixon and Pamela Reed recalling the events of the 1988 election, introduce each episode.

Said Altman: "I think it's probably the most creative work that I've done in my whole career."

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