'Becker' ending for Ted Danson

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 20 (UPI) -- Actor Ted Danson once again will be leaving network television as his CBS sitcom "Becker" ends Jan. 28 after six seasons.

Danson played cranky New York City doctor John Becker in the comedy, a role that returned him to prime time television after playing Sam Malone on "Cheers" for 11 years.


CBS made the official announcement of the show's end Sunday, although Danson said he and the cast knew the show was over when they finished taping before Christmas, reported Monday.

"I miss going to work, I miss my friends there, and I miss that character," Danson said. "Last summer, when we were not picked up to start the season -- and then picked up -- it was clear that we were not the flavor of the month. I think all the 'How dare they?' had gone out of us, and we were just grateful for the opportunity to come back as a group and end the show on a graceful note."

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