Robbins: People-watching great acting tool

NEW YORK, Dec. 18 (UPI) -- Tim Robbins says studying everyday people is the usually the best way to prepare for an acting job.

"Once in a while, you're walking down the street and there are eyes that are so compelling, so full of an emotion that you go: 'Whoa! There's something going on there. There's something happening. There's a story that I just saw the middle of right there.' You can tell there is some sort of tragedy being played out in front of you," Robbins told reporters in New York recently.


"And that's what I wanted to get at with this guy," the actor said of the troubled sex abuse survivor he plays in "Mystic River."

"You pass him at any time of the day, you would know something is very wrong ... it's just there. It's like a pressure cooker that the lid is shaking and it's going to blow. I think it's more that he's thinking about not thinking about it."

Robbins was nominated for Golden Globe Award Thursday for his performance in "Mystic River."

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