Scott Miller on Amtrak tour

NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 4 (UPI) -- Singer-songwriter Scott Miller will embark on an unusual tour January in conjunction with Amtrak's Crescent City line from New Orleans to New York.

Miller's song "Amtrak Crescent," on his most recent Sugar Hill Records release "Upside/Downside," details his reverence for the historic route. By teaming up with Amtrak, he hopes to raise awareness about the decline of the railways and bring deserved attention to the fabled Crescent City Special.


"This tour and train will answer for themselves and tell their own stories," said Miller. "Everybody thought the tour was a great idea until they asked 'Why?' I would say 'Why not? Do you think you can? I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.'"

Miller, a keen student of literature and history, was inspired to research the line and even interviewed a lifetime Crescent lineman, B.S. Owen. The interview will be part of an upcoming single version of "Amtrak Crescent."

Scott Miller and The Commonwealth will play local venues at each stop on the route, beginning in New Orleans Jan. 20 at The Parish and continuing through Atlanta, Ga., Charlotte, W.Va., Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia, Ohio before ending in New York City Feb. 5.


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