Iran interested in Nabucco

TBILISI, Georgia, Feb. 5 (UPI) -- European parties to the planned Nabucco gas pipeline have continually approached Iran on participating in the project, the Iranian envoy to Georgia said.

"Europe is very much interested in having a reliable and constant energy supply, and we continually receive suggestions that we should cooperate in various projects," Iranian Ambassador to Georgia Mojtaba Damirchi told Georgia's daily newspaper The Messenger.


The envoy spoke to the daily in an interview to mark the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

The 2,051-mile Nabucco pipeline would link suppliers in the Caspian region to Europe through Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. Turkey would be a major host as well.

Damirchi said there was some speculation raised about supplies for the $10.7 billion project, adding it may require Iranian natural gas to meet its intended capacity.

"Very many experts are expressing their assurance that without involving Iran, the Nabucco project will not be economically viable," he said.

He called on European customers, Nabucco hosts and potential suppliers to approach Iran on joining the project.

Iran could link to Nabucco through the Iran-Turkey pipeline.

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