Britain, France sign nuclear energy agreement

LONDON, Jan. 31 (UPI) -- British and French energy ministers said Friday working more closely on nuclear energy would help advance European climate goals for 2030.

The European Commission last week called for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 40 percent from the 1990 benchmark by 2030, an increase from the 20 percent target envisioned for 2020 for members of the European Union


"Our two countries have a shared interest in tackling climate change and developing low-carbon secure electricity which provides new green jobs and investment," British Energy and Climate Change Minister Edward Davey said in a joint statement with French Energy Minister Phillipe Martin.

A joint declaration signed by the ministers Friday opens the door for both sides to work together on nuclear power station construction and collaboration across the nuclear energy sector.

The British Department of Energy and Climate Change in 2012 announced plans develop up to 16 gigawatts of new nuclear power capacity in the country by 2025. Reactors at Hinkley Point, a project led by French energy company EDF Energy, accounts for about 30 percent of that total.

Paris hosts a climate change conference next year.

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