Gassco announces proposed pipeline for giant Johan Sverdrup field

OSLO, Norway, Nov. 8 (UPI) -- The top executive at Gassco announced plans for a pipeline from the North Sea's Johan Sverdrup field -- a line that's bigger than what is needed now.

"The volumes of gas [produced from Johan Sverdrup] aren't particularly large but are set to last a considerable time," Gassco Chief Executive Officer Brian Bjordal said in a statement about the proposed 100-mile-long pipeline Friday. "The new line will also provide greater capacity than Johan Sverdrup needs, opening the way for other fields in the area to use it in the future."


Gas systems operator Gassco is a partner in Johan Sverdrup's development alongside Norwegian energy company Statoil.

Gassco said the line from the field would tie into an existing pipeline that runs to a facility north of Stavanger, a port city on Norway's southern coast.

Development and financial decisions for the pipeline are expected later this year.

Last year, Statoil estimated there were 900 million-1.5 billion barrels of recoverable oil equivalent in Johan Sverdrup

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