Singapore responding to offshore oil spill

SINGAPORE, July 3 (UPI) -- The Maritime Port Authority of Singapore said it was making good progress in cleaning the oil spilled from the collision of two cargo vessels this week.

The MPA reported about 750 barrels of oil spilled offshore Tuesday morning when the South Korean-registered carrier, Oriental Pioneer, collided with Bahamas-registered carrier Atlantic Hero. The collision damaged a tank on the Oriental Pioneer, resulting in a fuel oil spill.


The port authority said it did not observe any additional spillage from the damaged vessel and cleanup operations were employing biodegradable oil dispersants and spill-containment devices.

The MPA said "no significant" sheen was observed at the site of the incident, about four miles offshore.

"Prior to the collision, MPA's Port Operations Control Center had provided information and issued warnings to the vessels when they were about 1.5 nautical miles apart," the authority said in a statement. "The ships were also in communication with each other."

The MPA said it was still investigating the cause of the collision.

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