Black Elk Energy issues incident update

HOUSTON, Dec. 10 (UPI) -- There is no ongoing spill from the site of a mid-November explosion on a rig in the Gulf of Mexico and sheen reported was minor, Black Elk Energy said.

Two of the 24 rig workers on a platform operated by Black Elk Energy died in a mid-November accident off the coast of Louisiana.


The company said the incident occurred during a "construction project." Investigators said rig workers cut into a pipeline on the platform that had oil inside, sparking the blaze.

The company said the cause of the fire, however, hasn't been determined. It added that it was working with all U.S. agencies in the investigation.

"The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement requested that Black Elk also report a loss amount of 480 barrels," a company statement read. "There was no loss of oil after the fire was controlled. There is no ongoing spill."

In an operational update, Black Elk said it determined that less than 1 barrel of oil spilled from the platform.

"The platform, which was used for pumping oil to the surface rather than drilling, had been shut-in and not in production since mid-August," Black Elk said.


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