Iran urges haste on Syrian gas deal

DAMASCUS, Syria, April 2 (UPI) -- Deals to export Iranian gas to export markets in Syria for the next 25 years should move forward as quickly as possible, the Iranian oil minister said.

Iranian Oil Minister Gholamhossein Nozari moved on an energy deal with his Syrian counterpart, Sufian Allaw, during a Damascus visit earlier this week.


"Iran will transfer gas to Greece and Italy through Iraq, Syria and the Mediterranean Sea," Nozari said.

The minister said Iran wants to move as quickly as possible to set up a refinery in Syria through partners from Venezuela and Malaysia, Iran's official Islamic Republic News Agency reports.

"In talks with the Venezuelan party I emphasized the speedy implementation of the project, and now I should encourage the Malaysian party," he said.

Nozari said gas shipments would travel though the planned Persian Pipeline, a 2,100-mile route to Turkey and European markets, as part of a broader bilateral effort between the two countries.

"Iran and Syria are in talks on gas transfer to Syria for a 25-year period, and the price will be decided on the basis of an agreement," he added.


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