British naval bases to specialize

LONDON, May 7 (UPI) -- The British Defense Ministry said Thursday following a naval base review that the Royal Navy's bases will undergo changes to ensure future capabilities.

British Royal Navy's Clyde, Portsmouth and Devonport bases underwent a review as part of the Maritime Change Program. To ensure the bases have the best infrastructure in place and can support an effective maritime force, the British Ministry of Defense announced plans Thursday that would give each base a specialization.


Officials said Naval Base Clyde will operate the Royal Navy's submarine fleet; Portsmouth will be the base of operations for the Type 45 destroyers and the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carriers, and Devonport will be the home for the Royal Navy's Type 22 frigates, amphibious shipping and survey and hydrographic vessels, among others.

"Each of our naval bases has a strong future under the plans we have laid out today," Armed Forces Minister Bob Ainsworth said in a statement.

"We have undertaken an extensive review to ensure that we match the infrastructure in place at the naval bases to the needs of the Royal Navy of the future."

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